Closely Held Businesses

Closely heldĀ businesses are a significant force in the U.S. economy, comprising 80 percent of all businesses. At TaylorChandler, we strive to understand the complexity of your situation, and we have the experience and resources necessary to provide personalized support in multiple areas of your business. We are prepared to meet your unique needs throughout the cycle of your business, from the stages of growth to selling your business. Exceptional client service and personal attention make the difference as we take a proactive approach in addressing the needs of closely held businesses.

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What We're About


We're a different kind of accounting and consulting firm. We're passionate about providing cost-effective, high-quality service.

What We're About

We're not just an accounting or consulting company; rather, our team is built around providing cost-effective high-quality services to help companies grow their bottom line with smart management strategies.