Audit & Assurance

Often third parties, regulators and other interested parties desire a level of assurance of a company’s financial picture. TaylorChandler prides itself in being a leader in its ability to offer a wide range of assurance services. Our audit and assurance services include external audits, compilations, reviews, and agreed-upon procedures.

At TaylorChandler, we provide audits performed under generally accepted auditing standards.  We perform audits under a risk based approach and gain an understanding of the Organization or Company during the performance of the audit. TaylorChandler can provide audits on a GAAP basis, regulatory, statutory, cash, income tax or other basis of accounting. We provide audits for a number of different industries including:


  • Insurance Companies
  • Non-Public Companies
  • Managed Care Companies
  • Foundations
  • Retail Organizations
  • Utilities
  • Public Charities
  • Trade Associations
  • Non-Profit Organizations

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    What We're About


    We're a different kind of accounting and consulting firm. We're passionate about providing cost-effective, high-quality service.

    What We're About

    We're not just an accounting or consulting company; rather, our team is built around providing cost-effective high-quality services to help companies grow their bottom line with smart management strategies.